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  Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hymation Mean?
Our name "Hymation" comes from the Greek word, himation, which means "a piece of clothing." 

We have a 30 day return policy, so if your shirt doesn't fit right, there's something wrong with it, or you are dissatisfied with your purchase don't worry, we've got you covered. Because our printing is done through Spreadshirt, returns must be process through them. You can find the link to the return instructions below.

Shipping Costs
The cost of shipping is based on the total price of your shopping cart at checkout. Standard shipping rates are $5.99 for orders under $49.99, $7.99 for orders under $99.99, and $11.99 for everything else.

Shipping Time
Usually we can get you your shirt to you in a few days. If you'd like to know estimated shipping times you can calculate it at the link below.

Caring for Hymation
We do our best to make your hymation as durable as possible, however, as with any piece of clothing, it's durability is only as good as the care you give it. Here are some tips for keeping your hymation in good shape.

○ When washing shirts, turn them inside out.
○ Wash them at tempertures at or below 90°F.
○ Do not dry clean them or use bleach when washing.
○ If you iron them, use medium heat and no steam.

Size Chart
Sizing charts have been conveniently placed below each product's description. You can view them on an any product page.

Tracking Information
Yes, we have tracking information available. Once your hymation ships from our printing service, you will be sent an email from them with the tracking number. 

Change or Cancel Order
When you place an order, your hymation order is added to a que to be hand printed and sent to you. Your order can only be changed while your order is in the que, once your item is printed changes can no longer be made. If you would like to make changes or cancel your order, ensure you do so as quickly as possible.

International Shipping
Yes, hymation can be shipped internationally. However, do be aware of the extra fees and expenses that come from international purchases. Customs and duty fees will incur extra cost for your purchase. These fees are charged by local governments and therefore cannot be refunded.