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Hymation: Christian Clothing for Sharing the Gospel

Our name “Hymation” comes from the Greek word, himation, which means “a piece of clothing.” As a Christian clothing brand, we focus on designing clothes that help you identify with the God you serve and share the Gospel with others.  

How Hymation Helps Share the Gospel

Our clothes are designed to be both interesting and mysterious, encouraging people to ask about your shirt and giving you an opportunity to share your faith.

We believe that our clothing can serve as a “tract-shirt,” providing a tangible way to share the Gospel with those around you.

Take a look at what we’ve made just for you, and see how Hymation clothing can help you share the love of Christ with others.

What Make Hymation Great

  • Gospel-centered designs
  • High-quality durable materials
  • Comfortable fit
  • Affordable prices

Learn More About Hymation and Our Mission

At Hymation, our desire is to use clothing as a means of spreading the Gospel and making a positive impact in the world. To learn more about our brand and mission, check out our Mission Statement